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This Beer’s Got Bite

By markkavelskiys

Mmm…beer. At least that’s what you used to think.


At least that’s what you used to think. But now, thanks to researchers publishing in PLoS magazine, we learn that malarial mosquitoes are more attracted to people who have been drinking beer—making the Brewsky Crowd prime targets for the disease:

25 adult males consumed a liter of beer and 18 consumed an equal amount of water.  The researchers measured how attracted mosquitoes were to the men’s scent before and one hour after consuming the beer or water. The insects were more attracted to the scents of men who had drunk the beer than they were to that of the men before drinking or those who had drunk the water.

Looks like that Red Stripe rattling around in the Malaria No More office fridge is going to remain untouched for while…

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